Nourishing Life

Cultivating the Art of Change

Health is the expression of an integrated life

Healing is just the beginning


Clinic of Daoist Medicine

Our approach to the healing arts is rooted in Chinese Medicine, classical Daoism and the practice of self cultivation 

Each life is unique, and healing a very individual process. We offer a safe and supportive environment and effective tools for catalysing positive change and internal development. 

Seeing Francesca is self-care at its best. Her treatments are holistic as she takes everything that's happening for you - emotional. physical, spiritual - and because of that, each treament is different. She has a beautiful way with Chinese massage and herbs and is very gentle and knowledgeable in her approach. I always leave feeling peaceful and energised. Their products , the quality - all so beautiful. The Dashi broth is definitely a favourite and I love preparing it after a session. It just adds that little more to your experience as you feel nourished and complete. This is definitely a way to bring more hygge and healing to your life.

Holly Massey

Our Healing Tools

Tui Na is the practice of Chinese Medicine through the medium of bodywork. Along with acupressure, it uses rhythmic compression and release of the soft tissues to clear the channels, invigorate the circulation of Qi and Blood, and regulate the body-mind system. Following the key principles and diagnostics of Chinese Medicine, it is able to affect changes not only to the musculoskeletal system, but can also help to treat internal conditions.

Die da yao (trauma medicine) was primarily developed in Asian martial arts schools and has a clinical history dating back more than 2500 years. We freshly prepare traditional herbal formulas into a comprehensive range of healing poultices, liniments, soaks and ointments to treat traumatic injury; moving it through the various stages of recovery to ensure the smooth healing of soft tissue and bone.

We handcraft tea and broth blends made with Chinese tonic herbs, fruits and medicinal mushrooms to support you on your healing journey. Each blend or botanical has a specific energetic profile according to Chinese nutrition and is recommended based on your constitution and Chinese medical diagnosis.

Yang sheng fa translates as 'nourishing life techniques'.  These consist of nutritional, lifestyle and exercise guidelines based on Chinese medical theory and Daoist cultivation principles. Combined with clinical treatment yang sheng fa can enhance and accelerate the healing process, as well as provide a firm foundation for developing and maintaining optimum health and preventing illness. Simple self-care and dietary advice forms an integral part of treatment at Xin Yao.

 I highly recommend Francesca as a Tui Na therapist. She is highly skilled in her technique. More importantly, Francesca gives the massage treatments from her heart, intuition and dedication. The space where Francesca carries out her massage is so peaceful with beautiful smells that immediately relax the senses.

Marie Daly