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Samuel Oak Muller

QI GONG Instructor

My background is in western medicine, homoeopathy and naturopathic nutrition and I hold an honours degree in neuroscience.  My personal path has led me to the study and practice of Buddhist and Daoist traditions, alongside exploration of western psychology, various mind-body therapies and the teachings of indigenous cultures.  I have a lifelong fascination with food culture and the science and art of nourishment, and have spent over twenty years working in the whole-foods and natural health industry.

My focus is now principally in the Daoist arts.  The more I learn the more I feel like I am just scraping the surface.  These arts are vast and unfathomably profound.  I make no claims to mastery but find myself at a place on my path where it seems appropriate and timely to share some of what I have learned along the way in the hope that it may be of use to others on their healing journey and discovery of their own life path.

From a young age I have felt a strong draw to the healing arts and personal and spiritual cultivation.  My first encounter with spiritual philosophy was through the Dao De Jing and the Zhuangzi.  It was through Buddhist teachings, however, that I first tasted the possibilities of spiritual practice and awakened a deeper longing to immerse myself in the world of internal work.  I have practiced Buddhist meditation for the past twenty years in different lines of Theravardin Buddhism, as well as Vipassana, healing meditation and Dzogchen under Guy Burgs.  I met and began training with Damo Mitchell in 2013 and am now a qualified Qigong instructor with the Lotus Nei Gong international school of Daoist arts.  I am engaged in ongoing training in Nei Gong, Internal Alchemy and Chinese medicine under the expert guidance of Damo and his senior teachers.

I live in the wilds of West Cork  working and growing in conversation with the land and community I have come to call home.

Francesca Baines


I am a mother, student of Nei Gong and Daoist Medicine, and a practitioner of Tui Na Bodywork.  Developing skill in the healing arts is a core orientation within my Nei Gong training; to bring clarity to the human experience and nurture transformation through relationship.

My background is in music, poetry and ecological design.  These - alongside working with the body - continue to inform my inquiry into, and expression of; nature, self and spirit.