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External Herbal Medicine

We prepare traditional formulas by hand into a range of healing poultices, liniments, soaks and ointments to treat both injury and internal conditions.

Treating Injury with Herbal Medicine

Custom-made herbal formulas alongside Tui Na bodywork can enhance the treatment of traumatic injury and promote the smooth healing of soft tissue and bone.

Both Tui Na and die da yao (trauma medicine) were developed in Asian martial arts schools and have a clinical history dating back more than 2000 years.  Unlike the practice of icing, compressing and immobilising sites of injury to inhibit the inflammatory process, the Chinese Medicine approach is to work with the body’s natural healing response; supporting the circulation of Qi, Blood and Fluids throughout the area whilst reducing heat, swelling and pain.  As the injury presentation changes, so do the herbal formulas.

Poultices, liniments, compresses and soaks are freshly prepared specific to case and work to:

  • reduce heat, swelling and pain
  • clear bruising and other accumulations
  • promote the fine knitting of bone and tissue fibres
  • protect against Cold and Damp invasion (cold sensitive pain and residual swelling)
  • relax muscle spasms and stiff joints
  • strengthen tendons and ligaments

EARLY intervention ensures the most efficient HEALING.

We endeavour to accommodate patients within the first three days of injury.

Our herbal formulas are handmade in clinic and are designed to support all stages of recovery.

Add them to your healing toolkit.