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Initiating Change

Fundamentals of Daoist Qigong

September 16-17

An Santoir, Bawnaknockane, Ballydehob, Co. Cork


Join us for a deep dive into the principles and practice of Daoist Qigong and Nei Gong

Nei Gong is an alchemical process of physical and energetic transformation which unfolds through the correct application of ongoing training. Qigong forms are the tools by which we move through this process. As we progress the body’s tissues undergo structural changes accompanied by a reorganisation of energetic functioning and the clearing out of mental and emotional conditioning. Gradually a set of specific qualities become embedded in the physical and energetic system. As this happens, the efficiency of the body and mind increases and one’s health, vitality, mental clarity and sense of calm markedly improve. At more advanced levels one’s perceptual abilities and insight start to develop, and access to deeper states of stillness and awareness begin to emerge.

Over two days we will study the foundations of the Lotus Nei Gong system of internal change. Through a combination of theoretical lectures and practical exercises you will learn how to correctly structure the body and develop the necessary mental qualities for effective practice. This will establish the groundwork for awakening the energetic system and initiating the Nei Gong process. As well as being a fun and transformational experience the weekend will give you a solid foundation for self directed training. 

What the training includes

  • Preparatory stretching
  • Core strength training and body conditioning
  • Alignment work and body opening exercises
  • The fundamentals of standing practice
  • The fundamentals of qigong breathing
  • The fundamentals of qigong movement practice
  • Introduction to working with the dan tian
  • Theoretical lectures

Practical details

  • Event fee is €175 for the two days
  • Meals are not included.
  • Training hours are 10-6 with regular breaks.

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our approach

We believe in training hard but having a lot of fun in the process

Lightheartedness and humour are essential qualities for this work and we try to keep a good balance in the classes between focused application and having a good time. We feel the training space should be an inclusive, safe and mutually supportive place where we can all learn together in a non-judgemental and non competitive atmosphere.

It is not necessary to be super fit or flexible but it is advisable to be in reasonably good shape and free of any major injuries. If you are interested in participating but are unsure if it is suitable for you please don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat.

The training is designed to initiate internal change and start to move you through several stages of inner transformation in preparation for spiritual cultivation. Participants should be aware that it can be both physically and mentally challenging and can be surprisingly strong at times. Come prepared to meet your edges, work hard and have lots of fun!