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Balance the body-mind with Wu Xing Qigong

November 18-19

An Santoir, Bawnaknockane, Ballydehob, Co. Cork


According to Daoist teachings everything in the manifest universe, including the human body-mind, is made up of five core energetic processes. Known as the wuxing or five elemental phases, these fundamental qi patterns and their dynamic interrelationships underpin both our physiology and psychology. We each have a specific configuration of these five energies which gives rise to our unique character and bodily constitution. When these energies are in harmony our physical health flourishes and our mind becomes stable, clear and well ordered, giving us a sense of dynamic integration and flow.

There are many qigong forms which work with the five elemental phases. Within the Lotus Nei Gong system we use a simple yet powerful set of exercise to balance and harmonise the organ networks of the body and optimise the efficiency of our physiological and psychological functioning.

Over two days we will explore the rich symbolism of the five elemental phases of Daoism. Alongside this we will learn a set of qigong exercises which work directly with these five fundamental components of our energetic make up. Drawn from the medical qigong tradition these simple exercises make a powerful addition to any self-healing routine, bringing greater harmony to the mind and balancing the functions of the body’s organ networks. In the context of Nei Gong training the wuxing qigong form indispensable tools for integrating the processes of change initiated by the building and mobilising functions of other forms, helping to prevent stagnation and smooth, equalise and harmonise the flow of qi in the body.

What the training includes

  • Preparatory stretching
  • Core strength training and body conditioning
  • Alignment work and body opening exercises
  • The fundamentals of standing practice
  • The fundamentals of qigong breathing
  • The fundamentals of qigong movement practice
  • Wu Xing Qigong practice
  • Theoretical lectures

Practical details

  • Event fee is €175 for the two days
  • Meals are not included.
  • Training hours are 10-6 with regular breaks.

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our approach

We believe in training hard but having a lot of fun in the process

Lightheartedness and humour are essential qualities for this work and we try to keep a good balance in the classes between focused application and having a good time. We feel the training space should be an inclusive, safe and mutually supportive place where we can all learn together in a non-judgemental and non competitive atmosphere.

It is not necessary to be super fit or flexible but it is advisable to be in reasonably good shape and free of any major injuries. If you are interested in participating but are unsure if it is suitable for you please don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat.

The training is designed to initiate internal change and start to move you through several stages of inner transformation in preparation for spiritual cultivation. Participants should be aware that it can be both physically and mentally challenging and can be surprisingly strong at times. Come prepared to meet your edges, work hard and have lots of fun!