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Principles and Practice of Dan Tian Gong

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Join us for a two day intensive workshop on the principles and practice of Dan Tian Gong

Once we have established our physical structure, developed our listening capacity and learned how to effectively sink the mass and mobilise the qi, we need to start building the lower dan tian. The lower dan tian is the engine of internal change. It is the key element that underlies everything we do in the Daoist internal arts - no dan tian, no qigong, no Nei Gong, no internal alchemy. 

For most adults the dan tian is not something we simply have but something that needs to be built. In the first few years of life our energy is gathered into a dense ball in the lower abdomen, all our movements originate from here and our relationship to gravity is centred here. You can see this if you watch a toddler. This field of energy gives the child a huge amount of vitality and powers their growth and development. As we mature this field becomes dispersed and the dan tian disappears. For the purposes of Nei Gong we need to re-condense this field in the lower abdomen so we can use it to fuel our energetic and spiritual growth, just as it once fuelled our physical growth. This is an important aspect of what is meant in the classics when they talk about returning to the state of a child. 

Over two days we will delve deep into the theory of the lower dan tian alongside learning a series of  practices designed to build this key energetic centre and prepare the ground for filling it with qi. Through a combination of theoretical lectures, sitting practice and standing work you will be introduced to the methods and correct mindset for developing the physical and energetic components of the lower dan tian as taught within the Lotus Nei Gong School of Internal Arts. 

This course is most suitable for those who have some prior foundation in Nei Gong work, having either completed a Nei Gong foundations event with us or another Lotus Nei Gong teacher, been attending our weekly classes or following the Lotus Nei Gong Internal Arts Academy online training. 

What the training includes

  • Theoretical lectures to shape the mind and inform the practice
  • Core strength training and body conditioning
  • A review of the principles of qigong standing practice and how to sink the qi
  • Refining the location and activation of the lower dan tian
  • How to use the breath to help consolidate the lower dan tian
  • How to open and activate the lao gong points in the palms and connect them to the lower dan tian
  • Standing and seated forms to build the yin qi field in the lower abdomen
  • Kidney-nourishing exercises to help anchor the qi into the lower abdominal cavity 

Practical details

  • Event fee is €175 for the two days
  • Meals are not included.
  • Training hours are 10-6 with regular breaks.

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our approach

We believe in training hard but having a lot of fun in the process

Lightheartedness and humour are essential qualities for this work and we try to keep a good balance in the classes between focused application and having a good time. We feel the training space should be an inclusive, safe and mutually supportive place where we can all learn together in a non-judgemental and non competitive atmosphere.

It is not necessary to be super fit or flexible but it is advisable to be in reasonably good shape and free of any major injuries. If you are interested in participating but are unsure if it is suitable for you please don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat.

The training is designed to initiate internal change and start to move you through several stages of inner transformation in preparation for spiritual cultivation. Participants should be aware that it can be both physically and mentally challenging and can be surprisingly strong at times. Come prepared to meet your edges, work hard and have lots of fun!