Nourishing Life

Cultivating the Art of Change

Internal work is a challenging but rewarding process. Lightheartedness and humour are essential qualities for this work and we try to keep a good balance in class between focused application and having a good time. Come prepared to meet your edges, work hard and have lots of fun!

WEEKLY classes

Thursdays, 6.30-8.30pm

An Sanctoir, Bawnaknockane, Ballydehob, Co. Cork

€15 per class

In these classes we will develop the foundational principles of Nei Gong with a focus on the Ji Ben Qigong set, breath work, Dan Tian Gong and Dao Yin. These form the fundamental exercises we use to build the foundations of Nei Gong within the body. 

It is not necessary to have trained with us before to join the classes, the teaching will be suitable for beginners as well as those with prior experience.


Principles and Practice of Dan Tian Gong

Date TBC

Location TBC


Join us for two days of Dan Tian Gong

Over two days we will delve deep into the theory of the lower dan tian alongside learning a series of seated and standing practices designed to build the container of the lower dan tian and prepare the ground for filling it with qi.


A June weekend of energising Dao Yin practice.

June 1-3

An Sanctoir, Bawnaknockane, Ballydehob


Join us for three days of Dao Yin practice on the beautiful grounds of An Sanctoir

Over the three days we will dive into the theory and practice of Dao Yin. As a fundamental component of Nei Gong training they take us deep into the purification process involved in the foundations of the Daoist internal arts.


Yang Sheng training programme

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